vapezilla vaporizer
Vapezilla Vaporizer

Vapezilla Vaporizer

Our years of experience in herbal vaporizers and technical expertise make our Vapezilla Vaporizer the most sought after aromatherapy vapor extraction devices in the world! Wicked Roots set forth to design an herbal vaporizer which does not sacrifice flavor quality while being affordable to the masses. By converting to vaporizing you can avoid irritating respiratory toxins in smoke. By heating aromatherapy herbs to a temperature where the active ingredients vaporize without causing combustion.

Adjustable Solid State Manual Temperature Controller.
Vapor Whip ® - Borosilicate Glass Whip Connection.
Vapor Seal ® - All electronic parts separated from inhalation heating chamber.
Glass Sapphire ® - Fully Embedded Solid One Piece Ceramic Heating Element.
Lightweight Solid Aluminum Chassis
Gloss Black Finish
Deep Red LED
Dual Filtered Magnetic Levitation Vapo-Bearing Fan
Eliminates Butane Gas Toxins which is Neurotoxic at high levels.
Eliminates the taste of butane gas for those searching for pure herbal taste.
Rapid onset of sensations when compared to any vaporization technique available.
Patents Pending